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Homecroft Wealth Racing - So Very Virtuous

Monday 2nd November 2015

Cloak and Degas or "Stewie" as he is nick named - is owned by a syndicate under the name of Homecroft Wealth - with its links to the financial services industry. For more information on the excellent services offered by Homecroft Wealth - please visit

Head of racing is Stephen Piper - who has a wealth of knowledge not just of the financial world but also the racing world too. A long standing owner who has enjoyed some terrific success over the years.

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Tuesday 13th October 2015

Sir Geoffrey or Geffers as he is so well known to his friends is an absolute star of our yard.

He is without doubt one of the yards most popular horses - both with the team and his numerous fans, he's also the apple of his owners eye ! He always behaves as his name suggests in the manner of a total gentleman. He behaves impeccably at home whether it is in his box or his paddock or out and about on the gallops and on the racecourse.

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Chrystal Maze Partnership

Tuesday 23rd September 2015

Chrystal Maze Partnership - is among our longest standing and most loyal owners. They have enjoyed success with a number of horses her at Haygarth House. Chrystal Venture is a broodmare and former winner trained on the premises and who resides here with her foals and followers.

Wimboldsley ( Eric ) is Chrystal's second foal, and the winner of two previous races. He had without doubt been a horse not to follow this season. Despite his owners having bred him and named him. He was proving to be very disappointing in his races. The team were all scratching their heads to understand what was the problem. A very talented individual and a large scopy type. It is felt that he still is a little on the weak side and as many sprinters do - will probably get better in time. 

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A Tale Of Two Pennies

Tuesday 23rd September 2015

Misu Moneypenny

Misu Moneypenny is owned by The Doncaster Racing Club. She was our first two year old winner this season and has given the Club some fabulous fun. For just £500 plus vat for the season the club members enjoy all the fun of ownership. Many of the club members have been involved since the beginning. Long term owner and member of the club David Slack will tell you all tales of all his winners over the years and for such a small sum he considers the club to be excellent value.

Penny Dreadful

Next up on the evening meeting at Chelmsford was another syndicate horse. Owned by "The Sexy Six". Penny Dreadful has been relatively consistent and on the occasions she had not run to expectations there have been very valid reasons. She had some decent form on the all weather and had also landed a good draw in 1. Ridden again by Kieran O Neil. When another horse in the race came accross her - Kieran settled her and kept her balanced. he rode a tactical race and kept his cool keeping her on the rail behind the leaders. When the opportunity arrived - Kieran let her loose on the rail and she bravely ran on well for him - to win nicely.

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Thursday 3rd September 2015

Landmarks are often set and the team here at Scott Dixon Racing are constantly striving for success and we all set high standards in all areas. We aim to ensure our horses enjoy the best possible lives and each and every one of them is loved and respected, as an individual.
This year it seemed our target of 100 winners would be achieved. Who knew when it would be.

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