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Simply Red

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Socialites Red was named by our yard sponsor and owners of Socialites Red - Socialites the E - cigarette experts - this is the companies first venture into racehorse ownership having sponsored races for a number of years.

Their unique and fabulous brand of E - cigarettes becoming more and more popular nationwide.
With a number of products and flavours to suit all tastes and requirements - Socialites are leaders in the E - cigarette and vaping industry.

Socialites Red - is named after one of the companies leading brands -
The company have had some wonderful days out with their filly - including at Royal Ascot where she ran with credit and at Beverely in the Hilary Needler. A plus 10 bonus race where the owners, breeders and stable staff all receive a proportion of the £10,000 bonus on offer is always a brilliant incentive to enter a race, and Scott targeted the race at Leicester for her with the hope that she would break her maiden tag and in doing so scoop up the bonus on offer.

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Champagne Charlie - Keep Us All In The High Life

Pearl Noir - or Charlie to his pals. Has been really flying the flag for all here at Scott Dixon Racing. His owners his breeder, the team and his followers.

Charlie had won his last race at Doncaster, and went subsequently to Glorious Goodwood as the mount of the beautiful Leonora Smee for the Magnolia Cup.The race was won by Leonora and Pearl Noir - only for the result to be called void - as some of the other lady riders had not set off - and there was an issue with the flag start. This left the second batch to be the official winners in which we finished a very close second to Camilla Henderson ( daughter of trainer Nicky) with Armelle ridden by the fabulous Dido Harding - Baroness of Winscombe.

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Champagne Charlie Strikes

Friday 17th July 2015

Pearl Noir - is well known as "Champagne Charlie".

He has though been more consistent in his runs and appears to be improving. It has almost become a little bit of a joke now, that his most devoted fan Helen Simcock - who was bought a share for her wedding present back when he was just a yearling - has yet to see him win on course.

Helen unfortunately seems to dodge Charlie's success' and was holidaying in Venice on Thursday evening when he was declared to run at Doncaster. Other stalwart owners were on course to cheer him home including David Slack, Oliver Ashton and Christine & Jim Wylam. Helen sent a "good luck" email to the others, and almost knew it seemed that he would win on her local course where she is a member...

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Pennine Warrior Heads North to Conquer

Friday 17th July 2015

Pennine Warrior remains for 2015 in the ownership group of the Yorkshire Exiles. A group of city of London based owners who hail from the Yorkshire region.

Pennine Warrior had not really covered himself with glory on his first starts of the season - however as a result his handicap mark has dropped accordingly. The soft ground that this particular horse enjoys has not been around this season and his few runs had been frustrating.

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The Older The Violin, The Sweeter The Music

The saying goes that "there is many a good tune played on an old fiddle."
I would also add that certainly it depends who is playing the fiddle !

Recently in his races Incomparable ( Compy ) had been ridden by apprentices. Compy had certainly looked after them and made sure they were safe. However the results rather spoke for themselves - with no success on any of his outings on turf recently.

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