Novel Experience For Jilly Cooper

July 2012
Novel Experience For Jilly Cooper


Best-selling author, Jilly Cooper, certainly doesn’t stint on research when preparing to write a new novel. For her latest book, which is set in the world of horseracing, Jilly’s taken a share in a racehorse which should provide her with ample storylines and racing characters.
This new ‘bonkbuster’ has a working title of “Leading Sire”, so it’s certain to feature highly-sexed jockeys, liberal amounts of infidelity and a certain amount of high drama, based on her most recent racing novel, Jump!
Her real life story of racehorse ownership has taken her to the Retford training establishment of Scott Dixon who, at 24, is the youngest licensed trainer in Britain. He looks after the two-year-old filly that’s now been named Jillywinks. The venture is being run as a ladies-only syndicate, with the aim of raising money for charity through race winnings.
Jilly has also played an important part in choosing the racing silks that will be worn by the jockey when the horse runs. She settled on blue with a yellow disc in the centre, after being inspired by forget-me-not flowers.
Jilly describes meeting the filly as love at first sight, saying: “She is a beautiful filly and the yard is stunning, with the most wonderful and relaxed atmosphere. I watched Jillywinks on the gallops and she moves effortlessly, like an angel. It is a really exciting new adventure for all involved”.
If you fancy joining the syndicate or are keen to support Jilly’s designated charities – Greyhounds in Need and Parkinson’s Society – then contact the Training Yard at Haygarth House on 01777 869300.

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