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We are proud to announce two NEW sponsor for 2017, Ocean Feed. 


Ocean Harvest Technology has created the world’s first natural and sustainable feed ingredient formulas for horses. The formulas have been developed using a unique blend of seaweeds sustainably harvested from various oceans around the world in order to provide all the beneficial molecules while keeping iodine levels low. Our product consists of 100% natural seaweed ingredients without any additives. Ocean Harvest uses unique bioactive cell polysaccharides amongst others which are only found in specific seaweeds.
OceanFeed Equine offers a unique and holistic approach to equine nutrition. It promotes a healthy gut microflora, digestive function and supports a better nutrition. The following derived benefits could be noticed:
-          Shiny coat & healthy hooves
-          Helps to maintain a healthy immune system
-          Helps to maintain a proper metabolism and well-being
-          Helps with athletic performance and faster recovery
-          Helps to maintain a healthy stomach
It’s recommended for all horse breeds, ages and workloads We strive for stamina, not adrenalin. OceanFeed Equine is safe to use during competitions and complies with the rules of clean sports.

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