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New Arrival - Chrystal Venture Ex Epaulette Filly

Monday morning saw the arrival of a beautiful filly by Darley Stallion Epaulette

CV (Chrystal Venture) decided she wanted to get on with things earlier than anticipated and foaled a lovely Epaulette filly at home at Haygarth House.

We have decided to name her April as she was born on the last day of April.

She is already a firm favourite with all of the team especially Ayla Johnson, who is in charge of the stud and is delighted to have her first foal of 2018 home. Ayla looks after all of the mares, foals and yearlings, and is an integral part of our racehorses early years, she ensures they are healthy, well looked after, that they gain her trust and are well handled to ensure they are calm and confident around people ready for when she hands them over to the racing yard to embark on their careers as Racehorses. 

April's dam CV is also dam to multiple winner's Samovar, Krystallite and Wimboldsley and is owned and bred by the Chrystal Maze Partnership

Welcome to The Chrystal Maze family April!!

'April' will be joined at home shortly by 'Daniel' a La Capriosa Ex Monsieur Bond Colt who was born in Newmarket a few weeks ago.

Thanks always go to our sponsors OceanFeed Equine GAIN Equine Nutrition and Fine Fettle Feed all of which keep our horses in fine form and winning ways

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