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Indian Silk - Silky

Today I lost my friend. Indian Silk was a mare we purchased from Jamie Osborne for who she won three races, including at Newbury, Nottingham and Southwell all ridden by Shane Kelly.

She was also one of the first racehorses Scott rode out. "Silky" was a real old fashioned type, with a handsome head, loads of bone a great front and a huge behind. She also had a "waist" that was tiny - she was so dipped back that only a racing saddle would fit her. But as Jamie quipped with her pedigree and shape she was an ideal woman and should breed lovely babies. To me she was beautiful and I loved her from the minute I met her. She also loved me back and was the kindest, sweetest soul, so very affectionate. Always she would call out gently to whoever was feeding her, and when I turned up in her paddock she would follow me everywhere I went. I would like to thank all of the team at Scott Dixon Racing who helped me look after her, especially, Linda Barratt Daniel Bembridge Annabelle Johnson and Eugeniusz Sikora

She did have some beautiful foals, the most successful being Incomparable - Compy, who had the old fashioned looks and gentle nature of his dam.

Sadly whilst foaling, Silky had a ruptured uterus, and we had to give her a blood transfusion on site from Scott and Izzy Dixon legendary pony Stockham Stonechat. She miraculously survived, and raised her foal but was unable to carry again. Silky was then a matron at weaning time to babies born here and a very able one she was too with her sweet soul.

An old lady with a slightly leaky system, the flies had really bothered her last Summer, and at 21 we felt it may be coming to the time when she should go over the rainbow bridge.

Last night I went out to do my rounds and check the fields, and she tottered up to me for a cuddle, then walked all the way back up the field to the top with me as she did most nights. She placed her head on my cheek, blowing soft kisses and I gave them back and a good cuddle. "Night Silky," I said. This morning she was found laid in her field, she had gone in the night peacefully. Bless her heart she saved us from having to make that heartbreaking final decision and the trauma that comes with it, and she went to meet her maker on her own terms in her favourite field. Goodbye, my sweet mare thanks for the memories, I will never forget you.

Yvette Dixon

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